Our School

Located in a quiet residential area of Redhill it was first opened in 2003 as a very small, specialist independent school for girls with emotional difficulties, attachment difficulties and those presenting with risk-taking behaviours. The school has gradually expanded and developed and is now registered and DfE approved to admit up to 25 girls, age 11-18 years with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, as well as a broader range of learning needs.

Cornfield School started as the feeder school for "Looked After" girls from Cornerways Children's Services' residential homes in the Redhill / Crawley area. We have been admitting independent day pupils since September 2006, originally as a response to individual parents of locally excluded or vulnerable girls who were unable to manage in mainstream schools, mixed schools or boy-dominated Pupil Referral Units or Special Schools. Day pupils usually have Statements of Special Educational Needs for BESD, MLD or ASD. The school staff has received in house training in ASD by The National Autistic Society.

Cornerways residential girls, girls in foster placements and day girls work alongside each other without prejudice and we admit girls with or without Statements of Special Educational Needs.

The school has achieved Healthy Schools status from Surrey County Council.

It was inspected by Ofsted in October 2007 and May 2010 with all aspects rated "good" or "outstanding". Ofsted commented that "students come from a diversity of ethnic and cultural heritage backgrounds". In 2010 Ofsted reported that "the school met 100 per cent of the regulations with no further action points required".

All our girls are "special": we do not differentiate between or label girls who have Statements or are Looked After Children. Every child receives the same level of service from our Special Needs Department (SENCo team) and quality of care.

Although children live in different catchment and geographical areas the children do sometimes mix for social activities outside of school and they are encouraged to make and sustain appropriate friendships.

Policies and Procedures

For current school policies and procedures please contact Helen Everton on 01737 779578 or email cornfieldschool@cornerways.org