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Why be a Foster Carer?

Being a Foster Carer brings great benefits to you and the children you care for.

Whether you become a full time carer or offer part time "respite" care, it is very rewarding to see the child or young person in your care grow and develop.

By offering opportunities to children and young people who may not otherwise have them you can bring a vast amount of enjoyment and future possibility into their lives and have great fun alongside them!

Fostering is about being together. If you have a spare bedroom and the capacity to include someone new in your life, you may have what is needed for a child to thrive and enjoy life.

Support and Empowerment
You will be supported well by Cornerways because fostering can be a demanding role which will call upon your skills and personal strengths . We pride ourselves on ensuring our Foster Carers are looked after and fully supported professionally, emotionally and practically .

Foster care is a vocation for which you are rightly rewarded . Paid weekly, fostering provides an income which is subject to enhanced tax free allowances.

Personal Development
Full and ongoing training is provided by Cornerways Fostering. We view Foster Care as a professional role and many of our carers have chosen to make it their full time occupation, developing skills and expertise.

Becoming a Foster Carer

"The Process" (Normally a 3-6 month journey)

  • We send you our information booklet and can arrange for a Social Worker to talk to you about Fostering with Cornerways.
  • Our Social Worker may visit you in your home, to discuss your hopes and interest and to explain the foster carer role with Cornerways
  • If you are interested in fostering with us and meet the basic criteria, then, we will invite you to a 3-4 day "Skills to Foster training", at the end of which you can formalise your interest to foster with Cornerways.
  • Your assessment will be carried out with you by one of our qualified Social Workers in two stages . In stage one we take up references and checks on you and your household, including DBS checks. If this stage is completed successfully then Stage two can start, involving a number of visits to you and your family. Our Social Worker will write an assessment report, detailing your life experiences, skills and potential as a foster carer
  • When complete, the Social Worker and you will take your application to the Cornerways Fostering Independent Panel for consideration.
  • The Fostering Panel's recommendation about your approval as a Foster Carer will be considered and decided upon by the Cornerways Decision Maker.
  • Our approved Foster Carer will be matched with a child or young person suited to each carer's abilities and circumstances. Carers are fully involved in deciding whether any particular child

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What our Foster Carers say

"F is our supervising social worker, he has been exceptional in everything that he does, visiting regularly, telephoning regularly and always being available whenever we have called him. We have also attended a number of Cornerways courses throughout the year, which have been well run, informative and very useful in our day to day lives."

C & T H – Foster Carers for Cornerways

"I thought about fostering for ages and now wish we had started years ago! It's the best thing we have ever done"

A H-W – Foster Carer for Cornerways

"Fostering has been another life changing experience in more ways than one, not only for us but more importantly for the children fostered with us. We can definitely say that the rewards are immense."

C W - Foster Carer for Cornerways

"I must say that I have great support from S she is fabulous , I ring her a lot but I also have great support from Cornerways generally. I know all the Social Workers and can speak with any of them if S is not available. I know other people who do not get that level of support from their agency."

S L – Foster Carer for Cornerways