About Us


Two Companies:

Cornerways Childrens Services and Cornerways Fostering Services

Cornerways was 'born' in 1989 when the door of its first residential unit was opened by two social workers who had moved out of Local Authority practice. The acceptance of damage caused by child sexual abuse had been gaining momentum and the new owners believed that the victims of such trauma needed specialist care in a single sex home in order to work through their complex needs and to begin the recovery process.

An all female environment and unconditional acceptance was created and a Child Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist supported the staff and young women. The Aims and Values reflected the child centred approach and provided the sound foundations of Cornerways, its belief systems and values that still exist today.

In 2003 a separate (but closely linked) company was set up – Cornerways Fostering Services Ltd. an independent fostering agency which has the same owner as Cornerways Childrens Services Ltd and is also run and managed by Social Workers. Cornerways Fostering Services cares for boys and girls in Surrey, Sussex, South London, Brighton and Hove and Hampshire and is always looking for and recruiting enthusiastic foster carers, whether new to fostering or moving from another organisation.

Cornerways Fostering has a strong child focused approach and both companies share the same value and belief systems. It is a truly independent small company with no parent company.

The fostering and residential services work together where needs be to create individual packages of care that span the services.

Cornerways Fostering Services offers placements to both male and female referrals aged 0-18 years old. Like CCSL, CFSL is a smaller provider that focuses on delivering the best service it can to its carers and the young people placed with them. Indeed 25% of all placements have been in place for 3 years+ and this figure is growing. Also, specialisms have been developed within the service to meet specific needs requested by local authorities, for example the provision of carers with skill sets to cater for parent and baby placements.

Cornerways as a whole now has:

  • Two residential homes
  • A DCFS Registered SEN EBD approved school
  • Cornerways Fostering Services which offers placement to male and female referrals aged 0-18plus parent and baby placements
  • The therapeutic consultancy comprising clinical psychologists (who provide training to staff) which remains an integral part of the service

Today, in providing therapeutic residential care as well as education in our small, specialist off-site independent school - Cornfields, Cornerways Childrens Services Ltd offers an holistic wrap-around approach to working with traumatised young women (most with attachment difficulties as a result of early years of neglect and trauma) between the ages of 12 – 18 years.

Cornfield School also accepts female day students referred by Education Authorities or Social Service Departments. These students do not live in the residential homes.

We remain a truly independent company. There is no parent company or corporate shareholders. The founder and owner of Cornerways remains unchanged and the service continues to be run by social workers and teachers.