Our Mission

Cornerways comprises two small companies who between them provide Local Authorities with Fostering Services for boys and girls 0-18 years, Therapeutic Residential Care Services for girls 12-18 years and a Specialist Independent Day School for girls 11-18 who may be looked after children or pupils with special educational needs.

These services can be commissioned individually for a child or young person or joined together to provide an integrated and tailored provision.

Cornerways developed from a belief in 1989 that a small specialist residential service for traumatised young women would be better able to meet their needs for safety, nurture, development of appropriate and positive relationships, self-esteem and emotional recovery.

Over the years Cornerways has developed and reshaped to reflect changes in the individual and collective needs of children and young people, the service needs of local authorities and the requirements of legislation and standards. Cornerways' services now enjoy preferred provider status with a number of local authorities, especially in London and the South East of England, reflecting that our residential services and Cornfield School are located on the West Sussex/Surrey borders, while our fostering services cover West Sussex, Brighton and Hove, Hampshire and South London.

However we remain a small, focussed service for children and young people. Owned by social workers and managed by social workers and teachers, driven to make positive and sustainable differences in the lives and education of the children and young people who we care for and teach that will remain with them forever.