Our Values

At Cornerways we value:

  • Diversity among our children, young people, staff and carers
  • Equality of opportunity to access services and for the personal development of children, staff and foster carers
  • Safeguarding of children and adults, in their living, learning and working environments, where there is awareness of risk, and the promotion of risk minimising arrangements
  • Enthusiasm of children and young people, staff and foster carers to embrace opportunities and follow their dreams
  • Respect for each other within Cornerways and for other people in our community, and showing this through our behaviour and communication.
  • Cooperation in how we live, work and learn, with people of different ages and in partnership with other professionals and services
  • Achievement of children and young people, staff and carers, in their learning , work and leisure, the small steps towards a bigger goal, qualifications and awards, and the success of completing a task and developing a new skill.
  • Honesty between adults, children and young people in how we communicate and the messages we give one another both within Cornerways and with others in the community and in other organisations.