Promoting Positive Outcomes

The Homes Managers and Link workers are responsible for devising and implementing needs led placement plans in conjunction with the young woman, families and placing authorities. Our Care plans set out clearly the young women's identified needs and how we propose to meet these across the 5 Every Child Matters (ECM) dimensions as well as specifying the required outcomes we are aiming to achieve. Plans are then tightly monitored and reviewed internally on a frequent basis (as well as through the statutory framework) with regard to the progress made toward the desired outcomes and adjustments made where appropriate.

These are some of the ways we aim to deliver positive outcomes for the young people across the 5 ECM dimensions:

Being Healthy
  • A holistic approach is taken to the health and wellbeing of the young women, based on the belief that every aspect of an individual's life contributes to this.
  • The promotion of positive Psychological wellbeing is central to the work and care undertaken. The Therapeutic care approach provided is grounded in evidence based practise.
  • LAC health plans and Therapeutic treatment plans are incorporated into placement plans. Assessments are undertaken of psychological need which then inform therapeutic care plans and care practice.
  • Two GP surgeries and dedicated female GPs are pro-actively involved in meeting the needs of the young women placed and supporting the aims of the service.
  • A 'Healthy Homes Ethos' is operated with healthy lifestyles being promoted through day to day living and modelling by staff as well as through more direct work around issues such as sexual health, teenage pregnancy, substance misuse, diet and exercise.

Staying Safe
  • Staffing ratios are provided which are able to respond to assessed needs and risk.
  • Child protection and safeguarding are promoted and reflected within the comprehensive procedures that are in place and the training provided to all staff.
  • Careful placement matching is undertaken through a thorough referral, assessment and admission process.
  • Placement plans all include detailed risk assessments and behaviour management plans.
  • There are clear procedures for the management of young women who go missing and / or are at risk of sexual exploitation. We provide focused training to staff on these issues and work closely with the police in line with local joint protocols in order to minimise and manage risks.
  • Self harm is responded to by staff who have all received training to enable them to understand and work effectively with young woman who self harm.
  • Positive behaviour reinforcement policies and systems are operated to promote safe and appropriate behaviour.
  • A restorative justice approach is utilised which supports young people's social and emotional development and avoids the prosecution and criminalisation of young people.
  • All staff are trained in conflict management and resolution, personal defence and physical intervention strategies. We have very low levels of physical violence or intervention.

Enjoying and Achieving
  • There is a strong emphasis on promoting and supporting school or college attendance and achievement.
  • An integrated home-school approach is provided for those attending Cornfield school, with follow through positive behaviour reinforcement systems.
  • Care staff provide support in our school when appropriate to help the young women manage.
  • Supported homework time with young women having access to a designated young women's computer within the homes.
  • We have a high success rate in reintegrating young people in to school and improving attendance and engagement in their education.
  • Family contact is promoted and fully supported or supervised by care staff in accordance with agreed plans.
  • Access to a wide range of sports, leisure and play pursuits both internal and external on an individual and group basis including out of school clubs.

Achieve Economic Wellbeing
  • Opportunity to acquire Life skills through the daily living arrangements throughout the placement progressing to a more structured preparation for adult life and independence programme.
  • Young women are helped to learn the value of money and budgeting and saving skills through link worker guided management of their various allowances and reward and pocket money. Bank accounts are opened for the young women and separate savings made on their behalf for their futures.
  • A rewards system is operated whereby young women are able to earn monetary and non money rewards for positive behaviour.
  • Young woman are encouraged to acquire part time jobs where appropriate or gain work experience via voluntary work. Our school is very proactive in identifying and supporting work experience placements and voluntary work opportunities

Making a Positive contribution

  • Cornerways is committed to involving young women in decision making about their lives and the development of services provided to them and there is a dedicated participation worker to help achieve this aim.
  • The homes are maintained to a high standard and the young women encouraged to be involved and take pride in their home and gain a sense of belonging.