Referral and Admissions

We welcome all referrals and explorative enquiries regarding our services and possible suitability for a child's needs.

For therapeutic residential placements with or without education:

Contact the duty referrals manager on 01293-826840 or e-mail: 

Planned Residential placements

If we have a vacancy and the referral meets our basic criteria fuller information will be gathered from the placing team/authority in order to assess the young women's needs.

If we then believe we would be able to meet the young woman's needs, a meeting will be arranged between the Social Worker and the relevant Cornerways managers. The aim of this meeting is twofold, firstly to enable Cornerways to get a fuller picture of the young woman and her needs in order to inform further decision making and planning. Secondly to enable the Social worker to visit the home/s where the young woman may be placed and the school speak with staff and make their own assessment of whether they think the placement will meet her needs.

A decision will either be made at this meeting or shortly after about whether a definite placement offer is to be made. After this initial meeting, arrangements will be made for Cornerways to either visit the young woman at her current placement or for her to visit Cornerways.

After these meetings the Unit Manager will contact the Social Worker to agree an admission plan and date if still appropriate.

Short notice or same day Residential placements

These can be accepted in the following circumstances:

  • Where it is a medium to long term placement that is required and not a 'holding' placement.
  • Where adequate information is available to make a clear assessment of need, in order to ensure we can place safely and appropriately. As a minimum we require; a completed pre placement Risk Assessment and Cornerways Referral form from the social worker before we will formally accept a referral.